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Here you can find out more about the concept of hoarding boards and their true function; why the aesthetic appearance and visual message of the hoarding board is so important, and why you should use our services and no other.

What is an interior hoarding board and how is it used?

Interior hoarding boards are usually found in malls or on shop fronts. The purpose is to show potential clients the existence of your brand / outlet, the opening date, its identity and location. It is a high impact communication tool increasingly used by traders. A hoarding board is a kind of temporary decoration that can be changed or removed later if necessary. The strength of interior hoarding boards is that they hide renovations and work-in-progress, while masking the noise.

They are not only a useful means of communication, aesthetically speaking, but also practical. Generally, this type of product is made from a digitally printed high definition extra large adhesives mounted on boards that cover the front of your outlet.

The importance of the visual message

Creating the right message is essential. It vehicles the image of your company, and will be remembered by your future customers. To maximize the utility of your interior hoarding boards, take time to reflect on this message.
Write down the strong points of your company: why turn to your business rather than the competition? Which symbols will catch the consumer’s eye? You could use a dash of humor, for example, so your message will be easily remembered.

Why use Alias Concept 78?

By choosing Alias Concept 78, you’ve chosen a quality solution.

With many years of experience, our team of professionals is specialized in all fields relative to the realization of your project. We can execute it in full.

Our retro-planning allows you to tranquilly follow its progress, step by step. These are important factors which guarantee peace of mind throughout your project.

From the very first appointment, the Alias Concept 78 team is at your service. The manager will rapidly make a quote, and once approved, the project is launched.

We hope we have been able to provide all the necessary information relative to interior hoarding boards and all your questions have been answered.

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