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Project management: who takes care of your project?

Concept Alias 78: a company specialized in the assembly and installation of internal hoarding boards Our team of professionals, skilled in diverse fields, can meet all your requirements.
Alias Concept 78 provides:

  • A project manager for a direct link between your business, your project and the shopping center
  • Carpenters to take care of the specifications, and structure of the hoarding boards
  • Graphic designers for the design, colors and graphic decoration of your hoarding boards
  • Installers, expert in installing and removing large format adhesives

From the very first appointment, you will be directed to your project manager for a quote. This technician will accompany you throughout your project: quotation, measurements, conception, planning, installation and removal …

The structure and assembly of your hoarding boards

The hoarding boards

the hoarding boards

You will quickly receive your quote. If accepted, the hoarding boards plans will be drawn up. The carpentry team will prepare the hoarding boards and identify the location for installation, making sure all deadlines are met.

Decoration and dressing your hoarding boards

The graphics team will submit graphic proofs for your approval. Once the “ready for press” has been signed, a graphic artist will create the digital files to send to the print shop. This has high-tech printers to enable digital printing in large HD format. Finally, the installation team will erect your hoarding board on the agreed date.
By opting for the services of Alias Concept 78, you will have a “turnkey” project from concept to completion. And you will be covered for all safety regulations, in compliance with mall requirements and Vigipirate

Disassembling your interior hoarding board.

A simple phone call is all it takes to set the date for the removal of your hoarding boards.
In the event of any post-installation, maintenance or removal issues, your project manager will quickly intervene, guaranteeing you complete satisfaction with our services.

A retro-planning: a good reminder

A retro-planning is a schedule of the steps necessary to bring your project to completion.
It tracks real-time progress of your work:

  1. On site surface measurement.
  2. Quote overview.
  3. After acceptance of quote, start of work date is set.
  4. Confirmation of the order Transfer of your graphics to our services.
  5. Graphic proofs proposal.
  6. Possible amendment of the graphic proofs. “Ready for press” proposal in PDF format.
  7. Signature of “ready for press” by your services.
  8. Creation of “pre-mounted” hoarding boards in our workshop.
  9. Large format digital printing of the hoarding board decoration.
  10. Installing and decoration of the hoarding boards at night.
  11. Appointment set for dismantling.


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